Lobby Backwards Long Jump

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If you are looking for the RTA guide, please see RTA Guide/Lobby Backwards Long Jump

Lobby Backwards Long Jump or LBLJ for short is a specific subset of BLJ in the lobby of The Castle. It usually refers to the trick done by RTA runners in 0 Star, 1 Star, 16 Star, and sometimes 120 Star to skip the 8 Star Door leading to Bowser in the Dark World.

RTA Runner Xiah performing LBLJ

Usage in RTA categories

0/1 Star

In 0/1 Star, LBLJ is used to skip 8 stars before getting the first Key by skipping the 8 Star Door, which means the player has access to SBLJ with 0 stars, which allows for a 0 or 1 Star run.

16/120 Star

In 16 Star, LBLJ is used to skip getting stars in the lobby of The Castle, as the stars in the lobby are slower than the stars in the basement. This saves around 30-35 seconds (depending on the stars you do in basement). Similarly, in 120 Star, it's used to skip visiting Bob-omb Battlefield a second time.[1] This saves around 10 seconds. LBLJ is not recommended for beginners as it makes 16/120 Star much more difficult and prone to resetting.[2]

0 Star TAS

In the 0 Star[3] TAS, a BLJ on the stairs near Bob-omb Battlefield is used to get into Bowser in the Dark World with 0 Stars. Although this does not use the traditional RTA viable setup, it is still a BLJ in the lobby. This strat is TAS only.[4]


  1. In the Non-LBLJ route, the first star is "Behind Chain Chomp's Gate" in Bob-omb Battlefield.
  2. In the 16 Star RTA Guide, the LBLJ route is described as "more difficult" and "not recommended for beginners"
  3. 2 Key only, as 1 Key skips Bowser in the Dark World
  4. Although the trick has been done RTA before, it is not RTA viable (meaning it is not done consistently enough for speedruns).