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Welcome to Ukikipedia

This wiki is dedicated to recording expert level knowledge of Super Mario 64. The purpose of this wiki is to allow people to find information that isn't easily available on other websites or by a quick Google search. If you want to contribute, feel free to join the Ukikipedia Discord server. If you wish to find more general information about SM64, please check the Super Mario Wiki. Enjoy!

RTA Re-mapping Poll Results – Ukikipedia News Week 11

If you haven’t been following along, you might have missed that there’s been a rather large discussion in the RTA community with regards to mapping digital inputs to analog outputs. Sim...
minikori 2019-09-05 20:37:04
Decomp is out! …but what does that mean? – Ukikipedia News Week 10
Chances are if you are in any Mario 64 related Discord, you’ve seen the news- Decomp is on GitHub and available for public usage. But what is decomp? What does it actually do? When programs a...
JoshDuMan 2019-08-28 01:58:12
ABC Bowser in the Fire Sea Potential – Ukikipedia News Week 9
Since at least 2010 in bobmario511’s ABC speed TAS, Bowser in the Fire Sea has been known to need only one A press. Since then, the stage has remained a continual thorn in the ABC team’...
JoshDuMan 2019-08-19 18:36:19
SM64 TASing Competition Joins GSA to Start 10th Year
Last week, the SM64 TASing Competition hosted its final results stream of 2018. Every two weeks for the entire year, a “task” was released to the public, to be completed by competitors...

JoshDuMan 2018-12-31 12:00:52