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A Crash, Freeze, or Hardlock is what happens when Super Mario 64's code encounters an error, such as a division-by-zero, that causes the game to stop running and rendering frames. The audio may still play. This is in contrast to a softlock, where the game does still run but is stuck in an indefinite state or a loop where no controller input can change it.

Ways to crash the game

Cause Exception Type Notes
Exceed the object limit Address Error Exception Can be done via a variety of methods including cloning, hat duplication, build-up of monty-mole pellets, or money-bag duplication. On NTSC-J: Text starts to disappear from the pause menu, before crashing.
Have too many objects at once on the screen
Send the camera into a PU on N64 Floating-Point Exception
Walking at PU speed for only a portion of the 4 quarter steps on a frame
Moving at PU speed with no joystick input for all 4 quarter steps on a frame
Moving at PU speed directly into a wall
Bully Knockback dividing-by-zero Floating-Point Exception
Failed Bully/Bob-omb angle double-to-int conversion Floating-Point Exception
Deleting a non-existent file on the File Select Screen Go to "Copy" right when you get to the file select, then press "Score", press on any file without save data, go to Erase, and click on yes.
Moving a shadow above surface 12 while it's over OOB
Killing a Monty Mole remotely Address Error Exception
Killing an uninitialized Monty Mole Address Error Exception
Going out of bounds in a room with a painting Address Error Exception
Being pushed off of a hangable ceiling while in the idle hanging action Address Error Exception
Sound glitch (J only) Address Error Exception J only
Moving the camera immediately when entering VCutM
Getting infinite speed Floating-Point Exception
Going near a painting after getting game corruption Not possible on console, due to the way Emulators and Virtual Console handle addresses.
BitS entry sound glitch 7 known instances, not been reproduced. Not J only.
Bob-omb/Mario OOB glitch A glitch where Mario going OOB while holding a bob-omb crashes the game. Unsolved.