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A Crash, Freeze, or Hardlock is what happens when Super Mario 64's code encounters an error, such as a division-by-zero, that causes the game to stop running and rendering frames. The audio may still play. This is in contrast to a softlock, where the game does still run but is stuck in an indefinite state or a loop where no controller input can change it.

Ways to crash the game

Cause Exception Type Notes
Exceed the object limit Infinite Loop Can be done via a variety of methods including cloning, hat duplication, build-up of monty-mole pellets, or money-bag duplication. Enters an intentional while(1) loop.
Have too many objects at once on the screen
Send the camera into a PU on N64 Floating-Point Exception
Walking at PU speed for only a portion of the 4 quarter steps on a frame
Moving at PU speed with no joystick input for all 4 quarter steps on a frame
Moving at PU speed directly into a wall
Bully Knockback dividing-by-zero Floating-Point Exception
Failed Bully/Bob-omb angle double-to-int conversion Floating-Point Exception
Deleting a non-existent file on the File Select Screen[1] Go to "Copy" right when you get to the file select, then press "Score", press on any file without save data, go to Erase, and click on yes.
Moving a shadow above surface 12 while it's over OOB
Killing a Monty Mole remotely Address Error Exception
Killing an uninitialized Monty Mole Address Error Exception
Going out of bounds in a room with a painting Address Error Exception
Being pushed off of a hangable ceiling while in the idle hanging action Address Error Exception
Sound glitch (J only) Address Error Exception
Moving the camera immediately when entering VCutM
Getting infinite speed Floating-Point Exception
Going near a painting after getting game corruption Not possible on console, due to the way Emulators and Virtual Console handle addresses.
BitS entry sound glitch 8 known instances, not been reproduced. Not J only.
Teleporting while passing over a loading zone Address Error Exception
Warping out of a level while passing over a loading zone Maybe possible in DDD using the Sub Gate warp and whirlpool cloning to reach the instant loading zone. Not yet achieved in Vanilla.
Passing a boo over surface 12 over NULL Possibly a non-existant crash if the shadow crashes the game first. Not yet achieved in Vanilla.