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A Crash, Freeze, or Hardlock is what happens when Super Mario 64's code encounters an error, such as a division-by-zero, that causes the game to stop running and rendering frames. The audio may still play. This is in contrast to a softlock, where the game does still run but is stuck in an indefinite state or a loop where no controller input can change it.

Ways to crash the game

  • Exceed the object limit
  • Have too many objects at once on the screen
  • Send the camera into a PU on N64
  • Bully Knockback dividing-by-zero
  • Failed Bully/Bob-omb angle double-to-short conversion
  • Deleting a non-existent file on the File Select Screen. (Go to "Copy" right when you get to the file select, then press "Score", press on File B, go to Erase, and click on yes.)
  • Moving a shadow above surface 12 while it's over OOB