Same Input Challenge

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The Same Input Challenge's goal is collecting as many different stars from a single set of inputs as possible, while only varying the savestate for the TAS. The challenge was originally created by Sidney and inspired by this TAS that completed 4 2D Mario games with the same input file, with the goal of "making a .m64 that can collect two completely different stars with the same .m64, but different .st." The current world record collects six stars, all in Bob-omb Battlefield, completed by Conor McMahon.


  • Must start from star select (if the level has one), pause exit (if a castle star), or on the first frame of level.
  • No leaving a level (including Bowser death)
  • In level warps are fine, as long as they do not exit the course (No DDD exit, Bowser death, TotWC death, etc.)
  • Only one star per save state, 100 coin stars/castle stars must be collected separately
  • Save states must be achievable without the use of hacks (No impossible RNG, impossible HOLP, etc.)
  • Stars must be yellow when collected
  • May not press the start button