Chain Chomp

Chain Chomp is an enemy that appears only in Bob-omb Battlefield. He is chained to a wooden post, and he lunges at Mario when he is nearby.

Chain Chomp
STROOP- Chain Chomp.png
Technical Constants
Object Group General Actor
Actor Group Group 14
Model ID 0x66
Tangibility Radius 1000
Draw Distance 4000
Interaction Type Hurtbox 2
Damage 3
Health 1
Radius 160
Height 320
Down Offset 0
Initialization Behavior Script [1]
Behavior Code [2]
Found in
Bob-omb Battlefield

If Mario ground pounds on the post 3 times to put it into the ground, Chain Chomp gets freed. A cutscene plays where Chain Chomps jumps 4 times, smashes the gate covering the star, and jumps off into the distance.

Regional Differences

On the original Japanese version of the game, Chain Chomp makes a different noise when he attacks. The sound used in international versions of the game is changed to be more aggressive.


Chain Chomp Falls Down

The exact cause is not known, but sometimes during Chain Chomp's cutscene he will fall off past the fence, which causes his cutscene to glitch.

Huge Chain Chomp Jump

Chain Chomp flying into the air after touching a bob-omb during his cutscene.

When Chain Chomp touches a Bob-omb or a Cork Box, he will fly into the air. Usually his chain keeps him from going very high, but if he touches a cork box or bob-omb during his cutscene, there is nothing to stop him and he flies very high into the air before landing again. After landing, he resumes his cutscene as normal.

Interruption Softlock

If Chain Chomp touches a thrown cork box during his cutscene, after he flies into the air and lands again, he will not resume his cutscene, resulting in a softlock.

Pivot Clone

The pivot point where Chain Chomp is chained to is an invisible object that loads and unloads when Mario goes close to it and away from it. This means it can be cloned. Releasing a clone of chain chomp's pivot will cause him to move to there. When Mario goes away from Chain Chomp's new location, Chain Chomp will disappear. Chain Chomp will reappear when Mario goes back to the new spot, but he will appear at his normal location. From then on he behaves normally. If Mario ground pounds the post while Chain Chomp is visible at his new location, the chain chomp will start his animation at his new location. If Mario moves chain chomp away from his post with a pivot clone, makes him disappear, and ground pounds the post while Chain Chomp is invisible, then the cutscene does not activate until Chain Chomp is reloaded by going to his new location and Mario touches the ground. Chain Chomp's pivot is invisible, and since it is not rendered it does not update the HOLP. In order to release it at a specific location, it is usually required to use a preset HOLP and a glitch such as Hat in Hand to prevent the HOLP from updating during the cloning process.

Out of Bounds Softlock

Chain Chomp has no collision with walls, so by moving him near a wall with a pivot clone he can easily become out of bounds. If his cutscene is activated by grounding his post, he will fall underneath the course until he reaches the default water at Y -11,000. Then he will stay at the surface of the water and not move. Since he never finishes his cutscene, this results in a softlock.

Conflicting Cutscene Glitches

Chain Chomp's cutscene can conflict with other cutscenes, resulting in unintended results.

Big Bob-Omb Defeat Cutscene

If Chain Chomp is moved to a new location with a pivot clone, deactivated, and has his post pounded, then his cutscene can be activated at any time by going near his new location. If the player defeats King Bob-omb, but then jumps down to the Chain Chomp to activate his cutscene at the same time, the Big Bob-Omb's textbox plays first, and his star appears before the Chain Chomp does anything. After this, Mario can move around even though Chain Chomp is freed. Chain Chomp doesn't actually start his jumping cutscene unless Mario stands still for a few seconds, but Mario can still move around once it starts. Chain Chomp still has an active hurtbox during his cutscene. Chain Chomp does not disappear after his cutscene is finished if this glitch is performed. The camera remains fixed on Chain Chomp, even though Mario can still move around. This makes it difficult to see what is going on in-game, since the camera doesn't follow Mario around. The camera can be fixed by activating the red coin star or the secrets star.

Koopa the Quick Race Start Cutscene

The same thing happens by starting the race with Koopa the Quick at the same time as releasing Chain Chomp, except Chain Chomp disappears and consequently the camera does not become fixed on him.