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If you're reading this, it's your job to make a TTC Upwarp brute forcer right now.

Here are some reasons why I'm better than you:

  • I own the Wii VC version of the game, so I could theoretically complete the game in as few as 0 A presses. Get rekt!!!
  • I suck at TASing but do submit to the vanilla TAS comp (sometimes lol)
  • I am not a WR TASer, and neither are you. Don't @ me.
  • I saved a C^ press with my masterful idea to perform MDS to avoid needing to dab in the Bowser in the Dark World Bowser fight.
  • TTM is impossible.

Whomp’s Fortress is the -14th course in the game, which features you being outside a clock, up above is the vertical PU, in which you actually survive, this part of the game is actually mostly the vertical PU where you can fall down, there was some uninteresting discoveries in this course.

SaneCase testing

Yellow coin