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Hi, my username is Blueeighthnote. Welcome to Ukikipedia!

Being a user who adopted the old Pannenkoek Wiki ( around the same time as Ukikipedia's creation, I contributed there a bit I'm going to move the projects over here in Ukikipedia where information and details are done by professionals. Strictly speaking, I'm only a TAS run enthusiast, not an actual TASer. That being said, the amazing technical layers behind Super Mario 64 is astounding to me.

With 6 years of experience in Wikia, used to have been a 4-year admin on Candy Crush Wiki, semi-active in several other Wikia, I believe I am familiar with functionalities of Wikispace and can provide template coding to some extent.

I can communicate in English and Mandarin Chinese.

To-Do (ABC)