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Nice bait

What bait is there -Sunky

Baited -Ethan

Where to start

For anyone who wants to contribute, but doesn't know where to start, check out the Wanted Pages of Ukikipedia. Here are the pages listed by the amount of mentions they have over the whole wiki.
If you want to get more technical you can create some of the Wanted templates or if you feel like it you can upload some files.

the main page looks messy but idk how to fix it


lol I just fixed it was it that hard

16bitPanda (talk)

SM64 TAS competition?

Are we going to have a Category for the TAS competitions of each year?
So for example: "TAS competition 2018: The 2018 TAS competition was won by Player, the competition consisted of N challenges ..." -- Anderium (edits, talk)