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Shoshinkai (later Spaceworld) was an event held by Nintendo to debut new games and technology on which they were working. The event was held from November 22-24 in a small town outside of Tokyo. Shoshinkai 1995 is particularly relevant to Mario 64, as this event featured beta footage/gameplay of the game. Significant portions of the game are different from the final version since the game was an estimated 50% complete at the time.

Differences with Final Release


Hud numbers/symbols, unfortunately not clear due to quality of sources

The HUD had both a different layout and appearance. Every symbol/number has a different appearance and the coin count was under the star count. The gap in the upper right where the star count normally appears is instead filled with a mini-map.

Health Meter

Various iterations of the health meter
  • The health meter underwent multiple changes between the playable demo at the event and the footage given to reporters. The demo contained a sort of clock hand that would move to indicate health with the word "POWER" above. The meter would appear when Mario lost health, then slide upwards to the normal health spot. Over time, Mario would slowly recover health. One bit of footage shows health wedges more similar to the finished game, with the word "POW" above it. The number of remaining wedges is also transcribed inside of the wedges. The last footage shows a power meter very similar to the end result, with the word "POWER" above and similar wedges.


In-game mini-map: Left- Whomp's Fortress, Middle- Lethal Lava Land, Right- Cool, Cool Mountain

At various times during the demo, a mini-map comes down from the top in the upper-right corner. The map gives an overhead view to help guide the player, it is unclear if the map comes down on its own or is controlled by the player.

Outside the Castle

  • The sign near the start is missing.
  • The stained glass image of Peach is instead replaced with black glass.
  • Lakitu is missing from the bridge.
  • The carpet outside the main doors is missing.
  • The texture over the bridge appears to be more of a brick pattern.
  • The fence on both sides of the bridge is missing.

Inside the Castle

Painting for Cool, Cool Mountain
  • This version of the castle is much more colorful and seemingly smaller than the final version.
  • Accessing the upper floor requires jumping over platforms in place of the stairs in the final version.
  • The door that typically leads to Bob-omb Battlefield is emblazoned with the number "3" and leads instead to Cool, Cool Mountain. The 3 corresponds to the levels number in the level select. The painting for Cool, Cool Mountain is also different, with the beta painting showing mountains.

Whomp's Fortress (Mountain)

  • Some of the non-moving platforms on the tower are trapezoidal, widening outward.
  • The top elevator platform has a pink color symbol on top.
  • Piranha plants show their teeth while sleeping.
  • The path past the cannon extending down to the blue coin block is missing.
  • The fence around the cannon area is missing.
  • The pole is just past the rotating wooden platform, instead of on the jutting out brick platform.
  • Whomps have a more basic, angry face. They also seem slightly shorter.
  • Likewise, Thwomps also seem to be angrier in this beta.
  • A star is located on the floating square platform.
  • The other floating platforms are missing.
  • No red coins appear to be present.

Lethal Lava Land (Fire Bubble)

  • The starting platform where Mario spawns in the official version does not exist, instead Mario spawns where the boxed shell typically is.
  • The red hot log rolling area is also missing.
  • Bullies have a single spike instead of two in the final release.
  • The platform where the red coin star normally spawns is missing. Additionally, there are no red coins present.
  • The platforms not connected to the main platforms seem to be missing, as is the mesh platform that connects the big bullies.