Black Room of Death

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A Black Room of Death, also known as a BRoD, is a term used to describe the area behind a loading zone door. They are intended to provide the illusion of continuity between two different loading zones.

Under normal circumstances, they are only visible behind their opening door. However, using glitches, Mario can access all Black Rooms of Death. Despite the name, Black Rooms of Death do not kill or harm Mario, though one side in Cool, Cool Mountain has no tangible floor, and two others are inescapable without Hyperspeed.

Interestingly, entering a Black Room of Death's door from the wrong side will send Mario to the corresponding Black Room of Death in the other loading zone, which inexperienced players sometimes consider an inescapable situation. However, many pairs of tangible Black Rooms of Death have at least one escapable room. Mario can usually escape these by jumping at the wall surrounding the room's door.

There are 6 pairs of Black Rooms of Death in the game. This video shows all of them. The following table summarizes information about each room:

Location Screenshot of Side 1 Screenshot of Side 2 Mode of Access Side 1 Escapable? Side 2 Escapable?
Behind the Castle's entrance door BRoD Entrance S1.jpg BRoD Entrance S2.jpg
  • Clipping through the Castle roof (side 1)
  • Hyperspeed (both sides)
No Yes (by jumping through the wall)
Behind the door to the Courtyard BRoD Courtyard S1.jpg BRoD Courtyard S2.jpg

Hyperspeed (both sides)

No Yes
Behind the door to the 2nd Floor BRoD 2nd Floor S1.png BRoD 2nd Floor S2.png

Hyperspeed (both sides)

Yes (by BLJing under an invisible wall) Yes (by jumping through the wall or triple jumping through the ceiling)
Behind the door to the Basement BRoD Basement S1.png BRoD Basement S2.png Yes No
Behind the Moat Door BRoD Moat S1.png BRoD Moat S2.png
  • MIPS Clip (side 1)
  • Hyperspeed (side 2)
Yes (with water) No (without water)
Behind the door at the bottom of the Cool, Cool Mountain slide BRoD CCM Slide S1.png BRoD CCM Slide 2.png No N/A (no tangible floor)