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RTA (also often referred to as Speedrunning) is short for Real Time Attack, and refers to gameplay in which no tools are used to aid performance, such as savestates or frame advance. Full Game RTA runs are often done on a real N64, but can also be done on Wii VC/Wii U VC, or Emulators (such as Project64 1.6 or Mupen64plus/OpenEmu). Individual Level (or IL for short) runs can only be done on a real N64. Because of the real time nature of it, RTA runs often use simpler strats compared to TAS that can be pulled off more easily in real time. However, that's not to say that top level RTA runs don't use advanced/impressive strats, such as DDD skip, Pillarless, or hangable ceiling upwarp in Bowser in the Fire Sea.