Wing Cap Block

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Wing Cap Block
STROOP- Wing Cap Block.png
Hitbox Info

cylinder with radius of 40 and height of 30, offset down 5 units

Interaction type Breakable
Metal Cap Block, Vanish Cap Block
Found In
Bob-omb Battlefield, Lethal Lava Land, Shifting Sand Land, Tower of the Wing Cap, Wing Mario over the Rainbow, Castle Grounds

A Wing Cap Block is an object which disappears and turns into a Wing Cap when Mario hits it. It respawns after a certain period of time.


When the wing cap block is ground pounded or attacked in some way, it is set to be intangible and invisible, rather than unloading. It's internal timer is set to 0 and it spawns a wing cap. When the timer reaches 301, it is reset to 0 and, on the next frame, the wing cap block respawns.