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joystick angles

i made dis

this too

glitchy wall kicks [failure to analyze]

my first 4koma.


sm64 1 key

This VCutM platform moves mario down just as mario flies into a PU. Since this isn't an OJ, this immediately upwarps mario into the surface of OoB water which conserves mario's speed AND voids him out back to the water of outside the castle WITHOUT killing him and putting him on land. Neat as fuck.

From the castle moat, mario reactivates his speed on land, and this is the PU route he goes to minimize his slow af turning time while still going down in Y position enough using slopes to touch the moat door back at the main map.

2336 ( 3,-3) +3,-3

2337 (14,-1) +11,+2

2354 ( 6, 3) -8,+4

2354 A (kill speed)

2356 A (kill speed)

2365 ( 0, 0) -6,-3

this is an OJ. no other explanation needed.

oh boi, unit squares

Unit Squares

TTC Pendulum

holy shit


cog misa

It's just a desmos graph.

ttm dr

Proved ttm DR is impossible without a breakthrough. Tyler Kehne then finds breakthrough.

bitfs 0x (wii vc)

Converges and reaches 0 after 2 or 3 months. Must find bad_boot's graph again to confirm.

jrb hsp

Approximated the speed cap to be 160. If mario can keep punching on the pillar for an extended 1 more frame, spd can reach 170 or more. i forgot my approximated 2nd value.

WF Tower platform rotation displacement

the tumbling bridge block rotates in a stupid way, but i managed to decompose its euler angle frequencies into parts. Turned out fucking useless cuz we could just fucking yeet ourselves or smth, idk, ask iwer.

arctan strain

All but proven at every math-skill level. Please implement it.



RLB was a bust anyway

nsfw meme

most definitely a good and sane opinion

me back when i was at a halloween party. it was ok.