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Got interested in speedrunning SM64 in 2018, been lurking on this wiki since then.

"If you're reading this, it's your job to make a TTC Upwarp brute forcer right now." - MMMMMMMMMMMMM

I love working on this wiki, even though I'm not getting paid. Sometimes I have this convoluted thought: I have done more for free than those that are getting paid to do so.

note to self: don't ever post anything without looking at the preview first. on the other hand, the more i edit, the sooner i become an admin.

DISCLAIMER: I actually don't have any real knowledge to offer, I simply edit the wiki for the sake of OCD. I have only a basic understanding of the functionality of the game. I do not actually know what qualifies a 'minor edit'. I don't know if I should use :/ or :\

This wiki is dedicated to recording big brain knowledge of Super Mario 74. The purpose of this wiki is to allow people to find information that is easily available on other websites or by a quick Google search. If you want to contribute, don't. If you wish to find more general information about SM74, please check the Super Mario Wiki. Enjoy!