RTABC Guide/Red Coins On The Floating Isle

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This is a guide for how to beat the star Red Coins On The Floating Isle in 0 A presses in an RTABC run.


Start by maneuvering through the Bomps and moving platforms once again. After teleporting, make your way to the top of the tower where King Whomp once stood. Carefully DR onto the floating platform with a red coin near the elevator, grabbing it in the process. Move to the other floating platform with the red coin. Afterwards, perform a precise dive onto the Thwomp (while it's high up and not before it falls back down) with the red coin above it. If you didn't grab the coin with the initial dive, a DR should do the trick. Afterwards, head back to the teleport and move to the circling brige. Wait for it to arrive and grab the red coin while standing on it. Grab both red coins the Piranha Plants are guarding before heading back and nabbing the red coin below the circling bridge. Finally, grab the red coin on top of the widest Bomp to reveal the star. Since it spawns close to that final red coin, it should only be a matter of seconds before you collect your prize.