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Stomp on the Thwomp ABC History
Date Count Saved Improvement Author(s) Setting Save Description/Notes
Dec 24, 2007 22[1] bobmario511 Non-Still Original
Jan 18, 2008 18[2] 4 bobmario511 Non-Still Sideflips over yellow blocks (-1), jumps and wall kicks off hand to Roll into the Cage (-1), slide kicks from lower yellow block near Timed Jumps on Moving Bars to the other (-1), clips onto lower rotating triangle (-1)
Jan 24, 2008 16[3] 2 bobmario511 Non-Still Slidekicks to higher rotating triangle (-1), dive recovers to reach star (-1)
Jan 26, 2008 15[4] 1 bobmario511 Non-Still Uses ledge grabs/grinding to reach first treadmill
Sep 17, 2013 9[5] 6 pannenkoek2012 Non-Still Navigates up spinners (-3), double jump/wall kicks onto yellow block before the pole (-1), heave-ho's to the higher level (-1), double jump/wall kicks to the upper walkway from the yellow block (-1)
Jul 10, 2014 8[6] 1 pannenkoek2012 Non-Still Uses a bloated bob-omb to clip from the Roll into the Cage area to the walkway.[7]
Mar 9, 2015 7[8] 1 pannenkoek2012 Fast Uses a Star Dance Clip and VSC to get past the yellow elevator block before the pole.[9]
Dec 31, 2015 6[10] 1 pannenkoek2012, Tyler Kehne Still Pedro spot in still cogs used to double jump straight to the thwomp.[11]
Nov 6, 2016 6[12] pannenkoek2012 Random Uses pendulum manipulation to get onto yellow box near Timed Jumps on Moving Bars.[13] Also applies fire clone SDC to the cog area.[14]
Oct 15, 2017 6[15] pannenkoek2012 Random Uses a PBH thrown bomb-omb to get off the pole, saves time from cloning.[16]
Oct 28, 2017 5[17] 1 Iwer Sonsch, pannenkoek2012 Still Better angle in cog pedro spot that allows straight jump onto the thwomp.[18]
Jun 24, 2018 5[19] bad_boot, Sidney, Tyler Kehne, pannenkoek2012 Random Usage of HSG in the Sidney Spot to jump straight from Roll into the Cage to the area above.[20]
Oct 11, 2018 3[21] 2 ds273, pannenkoek2012, [jongyon, sidney (cog misa)] Random Managed to access the pendulum box pedro spot by using a bob-omb push through the ceiling above.[22] Also utilized the highest Cog Misalignment which allowed free HOLP usage.[23]
Oct 18, 2018 2[24] 1 pannenkoek2012 Random Utilized VSC from the pedro box spot onto the clock hand to reach the thwomp.[25]
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