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Also known as “Firsties” in Super Mario 64 the player normally has 5 frames to wall kick. If the player wall kicks on frame 2-5, you will jump off the wall normally and be able to pull back for a bit more height. If the player wallkicks on the 1st frame, however, this will not be the case. The player will instead keep there speed and can perform Hyperspeed Wallkicks. This is not always advantageous, for example, in the case of Owless the player will not be able to get the trick if they get a First Frame Wallkick. This can also result in a death if the player does not anticipate it and they hit the First Frame Wallkick. If you hit a wall the frame after you jump Pause Buffering can be used to still get a First Frame Wallkick. This trick is also frame perfect.