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Hi I'm Th3Re4l, I'm a Speedrunner and I do RTABC. My SM64 WRs (They are RTABC WRs not TAS) (As of 20th of May):

Get A Hand 0x A

The Pit And The Pendulums 4x A

Stop Time For Red Coins 0x A

Timed Jumps On Moving Bars 7x A

Roll Into The Cage 3x A

Wing Mario Over The Rainbow 2x A

Swingin' In The Breeze 1x A

Bowser In The Sky 9.5x A (Deleted due to ending the video at star grab and not pipe entry wich would require an A press, gonna re-do/beat with a 8.5x A)

Express Elevator--Hurry Up! 0.5x A

Cruiser Crossing The Rainbow 1x A

Somewhere Over The Rainbow 2x A

The Big House In The Sky 3x A

Tower Of The Wing Cap+Switch 0x A

Secret Of The Haunted Books 0x A

Coins Amassed In a Maze 2x A