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Not to brag, but I've watched dozens of WR TASes

Action table testing:

ID Name Value Stationary Moving Air Intangible Swimming Metal Short Riding Invulnerable Slide Diving Pole Hanging Idle Attacking Wind Control First Pause Flying Water Throwing
0x000 uninitialized 0x00000000
0x001 idle 0x0C400201
0x002 start sleeping 0x0C400202
0x003 sleeping 0x0C000203
0x004 waking up 0x0C000204
0x005 panting 0x0C400205
0x006 unknown 006 0x08000206
0x007 unknown 007 0x08000207
0x008 unknown 008 0x08000208
0x009 standing against wall 0x0C400209
0x00A coughing 0x0C40020A
0x00B shivering 0x0C40020B
0x00D in quicksand 0x0002020D
0x020 crouching 0x0C008220
0x021 start crouching 0x0C008221
0x022 unknown 022 0x0C008222
0x023 start crawling 0x0C008223
0x024 unknown 024 0x0C008224
0x025 slide kick slide stop 0x08000225
0x026 unknown 026 0x00020226
0x027 first person 0x0C000227
0x02F backflip land stop 0x0800022F
0x030 jump land stop 0x0C000230
0x031 double jump land stop 0x0C000231
0x032 freefall land stop 0x0C000232
0x033 side flip land stop 0x0C000233
0x034 unknown 034 0x08000234
0x035 unknown 035 0x08000235
0x036 air throw land 0x80000A36
0x038 twirl land 0x18800238
0x039 lava boost land 0x08000239
0x03A triple jump land stop 0x0800023A
0x03B long jump land stop 0x0800023B
0x03C ground pound land 0x0080023C
0x03D braking stop 0x0C00023D
0x03E butt slide stop 0x0C00023E
0x03F unknown 03f 0x0800043F
0x040 walking 0x04000440
0x042 hold walking 0x00000442
0x043 turning around 0x00000443
0x044 finish turning around 0x00000444
0x045 braking 0x04000445
0x046 riding shell ground 0x20810446
0x047 hold heavy walking 0x00000447
0x048 crawling 0x04008448
0x049 burning ground 0x00020449
0x04A decelerating 0x0400044A
0x04B hold decelerating 0x0000044B
0x050 begin sliding 0x00000050
0x051 hold begin sliding 0x00000051
0x052 butt slide 0x00840452
0x053 stomach slide 0x008C0453
0x054 hold butt slide 0x00840454
0x055 hold stomach slide 0x008C0455
0x056 dive slide 0x00880456
0x057 move punching 0x00800457
0x059 crouch slide 0x04808459
0x05A slide kick slide 0x0080045A
0x060 hard backward ground kb 0x00020460
0x061 hard forward ground kb 0x00020461
0x062 backward ground kb 0x00020462
0x063 forward ground kb 0x00020463
0x064 soft backward ground kb 0x00020464
0x065 soft forward ground kb 0x00020465
0x066 ground bonk 0x00020466
0x067 death exit land 0x00020467
0x070 jump land 0x04000470
0x071 freefall land 0x04000471
0x072 double jump land 0x04000472
0x073 side flip land 0x04000473
0x074 hold jump land 0x00000474
0x075 hold freefall land 0x00000475
0x076 quicksand jump land 0x00000476
0x077 hold quicksand jump land 0x00000477
0x078 triple jump land 0x04000478
0x079 long jump land 0x00000479
0x07A backflip land 0x0400047A
0x080 jump 0x03000880
0x081 double jump 0x03000881
0x082 triple jump 0x01000882
0x083 backflip 0x01000883
0x085 steep jump 0x03000885
0x086 wall kick air 0x03000886
0x087 side flip 0x01000887
0x088 long jump 0x03000888
0x089 water jump 0x01000889
0x08A dive 0x0188088A
0x08C freefall 0x0100088C
0x08D top of pole jump 0x0300088D
0x08E butt slide air 0x0300088E
0x094 flying triple jump 0x03000894
0x098 shot from cannon 0x00880898
0x099 flying 0x10880899
0x09A riding shell jump 0x0281089A
0x09B riding shell fall 0x0081089B
0x09C vertical wind 0x1008089C
0x0A0 hold jump 0x030008A0
0x0A1 hold freefall 0x010008A1
0x0A2 hold butt slide air 0x010008A2
0x0A3 hold water jump 0x010008A3
0x0A4 twirling 0x108008A4
0x0A6 forward rollout 0x010008A6
0x0A7 air hit wall 0x000008A7
0x0A8 riding hoot 0x000004A8
0x0A9 ground pound 0x008008A9
0x0AA slide kick 0x018008AA
0x0AB air throw 0x830008AB
0x0AC jump kick 0x018008AC
0x0AD backward rollout 0x010008AD
0x0AE crazy box bounce 0x000008AE
0x0AF special triple jump 0x030008AF
0x0B0 backward air kb 0x010208B0
0x0B1 forward air kb 0x010208B1
0x0B2 hard forward air kb 0x010208B2
0x0B3 hard backward air kb 0x010208B3
0x0B4 burning jump 0x010208B4
0x0B5 burning fall 0x010208B5
0x0B6 soft bonk 0x010208B6
0x0B7 lava boost 0x010208B7
0x0B8 getting blown 0x010208B8
0x0BD thrown forward 0x010208BD
0x0BE thrown backward 0x010208BE
0x0C0 water idle 0x380022C0
0x0C1 hold water idle 0x380022C1
0x0C2 water action end 0x300022C2
0x0C3 hold water action end 0x300022C3
0x0C4 drowning 0x300032C4
0x0C5 backward water kb 0x300222C5
0x0C6 forward water kb 0x300222C6
0x0C7 water death 0x300032C7
0x0C8 water shocked 0x300222C8
0x0D0 breaststroke 0x300024D0
0x0D1 swimming end 0x300024D1
0x0D2 flutter kick 0x300024D2
0x0D3 hold breaststroke 0x300024D3
0x0D4 hold swimming end 0x300024D4
0x0D5 hold flutter kick 0x300024D5
0x0D6 water shell swimming 0x300024D6
0x0E0 water throw 0x300024E0
0x0E1 water punch 0x300024E1
0x0E2 water plunge 0x300022E2
0x0E3 caught in whirlpool 0x300222E3
0x0F0 metal water standing 0x080042F0
0x0F1 hold metal water standing 0x080042F1
0x0F2 metal water walking 0x000044F2
0x0F3 hold metal water walking 0x000044F3
0x0F4 metal water falling 0x000042F4
0x0F5 hold metal water falling 0x000042F5
0x0F6 metal water fall land 0x000042F6
0x0F7 hold metal water fall land 0x000042F7
0x0F8 metal water jump 0x000044F8
0x0F9 hold metal water jump 0x000044F9
0x0FA metal water jump land 0x000044FA
0x0FB hold metal water jump land 0x000044FB
0x100 disappeared 0x00001300
0x101 intro cutscene 0x04001301
0x102 star dance exit 0x00001302
0x103 star dance water 0x00001303
0x104 fall after star grab 0x00001904
0x105 unknown 105 0x20001305
0x106 unknown 106 0x20001306
0x107 star dance no exit 0x00001307
0x108 reading sign 0x00001308
0x109 grabbed grand star 0x00001909
0x10A unknown 10a 0x0000130A
0x10F unknown 10f 0x0000130F
0x111 standing death 0x00021311
0x112 quicksand death 0x00021312
0x113 electrocution 0x00021313
0x114 suffocation 0x00021314
0x115 death on stomach 0x00021315
0x116 death on back 0x00021316
0x117 eaten by bubba 0x00021317
0x118 peach cutscene 0x00001918
0x119 credits 0x00001319
0x11A waving 0x0000131A
0x120 pulling door 0x00001320
0x121 pushing door 0x00001321
0x122 unknown 122 0x00001322
0x123 emerge from pipe 0x00001923
0x124 unknown 124 0x00001924
0x125 unknown 125 0x00001325
0x126 unknown 126 0x00001926
0x127 unknown 127 0x00001327
0x128 unknown 128 0x00001928
0x129 unknown 129 0x00001929
0x12A unknown 12a 0x0000192A
0x12B unknown 12b 0x0000192B
0x12C unknown 12c 0x0000192C
0x12D unknown 12d 0x0000192D
0x12E unlocking key door 0x0000132E
0x12F unknown 12f 0x0000132F
0x131 entering star door 0x00001331
0x132 unknown 132 0x00001932
0x133 unknown 133 0x00001333
0x134 bbh enter jump 0x00001934
0x135 bbh enter spin 0x00001535
0x136 teleport fade out 0x00001336
0x137 teleport fade in 0x00001337
0x138 shocked 0x00020338
0x139 squished 0x00020339
0x13A head stuck in ground 0x0002033A
0x13B butt stuck in ground 0x0002033B
0x13C feet stuck in ground 0x0002033C
0x13D putting on cap 0x0000133D
0x140 holding pole 0x08100340
0x141 grab pole slow 0x00100341
0x142 grab pole fast 0x00100342
0x143 climbing pole 0x00100343
0x144 top of pole transition 0x00100344
0x145 top of pole 0x00100345
0x148 start hanging 0x08200348
0x149 hanging 0x00200349
0x14A hang moving 0x0020054A
0x14B ledge grab 0x0800034B
0x14C ledge climb slow 1 0x0000054C
0x14D ledge climb slow 2 0x0000054D
0x14E ledge climb down 0x0000054E
0x14F ledge climb fast 0x0000054F
0x170 grabbed 0x00020370
0x171 in cannon 0x00001371
0x172 tornado twirling 0x10020372
0x180 punching 0x00800380
0x183 unknown 183 0x00000383
0x185 unknown 185 0x00000385
0x186 unknown 186 0x00000386
0x187 unknown 187 0x00000387
0x188 throwing 0x80000588
0x189 unknown 189 0x80000589
0x190 unknown 190 0x00000390
0x191 holding bowser 0x00000391
0x192 releasing bowser 0x00000392