Goomba spawner

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Goomba spawner
STROOP- Goomba Triplet Spawner.png
Hitbox Info
Damage none
Damage without hat none
Tangibility radius 1000
Interaction type none

Goomba Spawners are object spawners that spawn three Goombas when Mario enters its radius. The Goombas unload when Mario leaves the radius of the spawner. The spawner keeps track of which Goombas have been killed, and will not reload them if they have been killed.


Goombas from Goomba Spawners are the only ones that can be cloned without the use of a loading zone.

If a huge goomba from a spawner is weakly attacked, e.g. with a punch, it sends a signal to its spawner that it has died even though it hasn't. If Mario leaves and re-enters the spawner's radius, the goomba won't be there and its coin(s) will become impossible to collect.

A huge goomba can be non-visually transformed into a medium-sized goomba through the use of Object Adoption.