RTA Guide/Behind Chain Chomp's Gate

Behind Chain Chomp's Gate is the sixth mission in Bob-omb Battlefield.

Behind Chain Chomp's Gate
Record Information
RTA World Record 11.80
Single Star World Record 11.21

Pole Ground Pound

See the starting movement in the Bomb Clip section for the beginning movement for this star.

  • Bomb clip only saves ~12 seconds over ground pounding the pole. If you opt to skip bomb clip, make sure to delay your dive just a bit when running past the chain chomp so he doesn't hit you. (Full video)
  • Bomb Clip

    Examples of various movement options and camera setups:

    Starting Movement

  • Alternate Ending Cameras

  • C-right before LJ and at initial bomb grab (Full video)
  • Tips and Backups

    To reduce lag at the start, buffer c-right on entry, then c-left+c-down, then c-left. To save an additional lag frame more on the textboxes, go into c-up right after.

  • Quick backup if you accidentally lose the bomb
  • You can move quicker with the bomb if you hold a direction after jumping.
  • Tutorials

    Basic Bomb Clip

    Expert (Backflip Clip) Tutorial