RTABC Guide/Behind Chain Chomp's Gate

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This is a guide for how to beat the star Behind Chain Chomp's Gate in 0 A presses.


This method is advanced and not recommended for beginners.

There are two methods for getting this star, one of which is the easier way, and the other being purely for speed. The easier way uses a short Goomba Staircase to get up to the star. Some important things to note about cloning are: Mario needs to be higher than the Bob-Omb to not get knocked back, grabbing the Bob-Omb and pause buffering until Mario drops it makes grabbing it fake much easier, hat in hand should be used when releasing clones and should then be deactivated by teleporting for setting the HOLP, and any Goombas killed or coins collected are required for the cloning setup.

The other much faster method is to clip inside the cage from the top using a handsfree Bob-Omb. Doing this trick takes an insane amount of precision, with the timing, angle and positioning needing to be absolutely perfect. Getting the star this way is not recommended unless you want to beat the record time.