Whomp King

The Whomp King is a boss appearing in Whomp's Fortress. The Whomp King is fought in the star Chip off Whomp's Block at the top of the fortress. He drops a star upon defeat.

Whomp King
STROOP- Whomp.png
Technical Constants
Object Group Surface
Actor Group Group 14
Physical Constants
Gravity -4
Buoyancy 2


Whomp King shares much of his behavior with the regular Whomp enemy. Whomp King is initialized with twice the size of a regular Whomp and its home set as its initial position in the level. When Mario is within 600 units of Whomp King, the level music volume is reduced by 40% and Whomp King begins his dialogue then begins the fight. Whomp King moves with an initial speed of 3 units/frame and rotates toward Mario at 2.8125 degrees/frame. After 30 frames, if Mario is within 45 degrees of Whomp King's sight and less than 1500 units from Whomp King's position, Whomp King will begin moving with a forward speed of 9 units/frame while still turning toward Mario. If Mario is within 300 units of Whomp King's position, Whomp King with jump and land in the exact same manner as a regular Whomp. If Mario ground pounds Whomp King while he is down, Whomp King's health is decreased by 1, sounds play, and particles spawn. Then, Whomp King's y-position oscillates up and down by 8 units for 10 frames and then Whomp King begins to rise back up. Otherwise, Whomp King will stay down for 100 frames if he did not squish Mario and 30 frames if he did squish Mario before rising back up and returning to his initial pattern of chasing Mario. Once Whomp King's health reaches 0, Whomp King gives his defeat dialogue and then becomes invisible and intangible before spawning particles and a star.