Wet-Dry World

Wet-Dry World is the eleventh course of Super Mario 64, featuring a "town" with an adjustable water level. By touching any of the crystal taps in the course, the water level is raised or lowered to the height of the tap used. Additionally, Mario's height as he enters the painting determines the water level immediately after entering the course (low, medium, or high). The course has a tunnel with a loading zone to take Mario back and forth between the main area and "downtown".

Wet-Dry World
Course Info
Abbreviation WDW
Terrain Default/Water
Setting Sunny
Water Mostly
Course Items
Coins 135 ( Yellow Coin.gif ×89  •  Red Coin.gif ×8  •  Blue Coin.gif ×6)
Enemy Coins 17 ( Yellow Coin.gif ×17)
Stars Challenge infobox star 1.gif ×7
Caps STROOP- Metal Cap Block.png ×1  •  STROOP- Vanish Cap Block.png ×2
Star Navigation

Challenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gifChallenge infobox star 1.gif

STROOP- WDW 1 Low.png
STROOP- WDW 1 High.png


There are a total of 152 coins in the course, with 107 coins in the main area and 45 coins inside the town. The coin limit in this course can be raised via cloning.

Location Count
12 coins in the 4 breakable boxes near start 12
10 coins in ! block against wall near the map corner (under cannon) 10
3 coins in ! block on a wooden platform with purple switch 3
Line of coins by the 4th highest water-level changer 5
Ring of coins around the pillar with the amp circling it 8
10 coins from the ! block on the pillar 10
10 coins in ! block above the the "Express Elevators" star 10
3 coins in ! block underneath Chuckya platform (push block to get) 3
Line of coins at highest level, by the highest water-level changer 5
(Inside the Town) Ring of coins around triangle statue in middle of town 8
(Inside the Town) Line of coins on high plank leading to metal cap 5
(Inside the Town) Line of coins on building between the entrance and trees 5
(Inside the Town) Line of coins on the other building beside the trees 5
4 Skeeters 12
1 Chuckya 5
8 Red Coins 16
6 blue coins from block (on very first level up, by fire-shooters) 30
Total 152

Main Area


The downtown area features multiple empty houses. On the sides of some of the houses is what appear to be doors, but are actually just textures and do not do anything.