Water is a phenomenon in Super Mario 64. Its main property is the water level, which determines its location in the level. Water consists of a plane that extends to the edges of the main map and infinitely far downwards.

Effect on Mario

When Mario enters water in any way, he enters the action called water plunge. After 19 frames, he enters water action end. Then, he enters the in water idle action. Most water-based actions are in the Submerged action group and have the Swimming action flag set.

Surface Upwarp

Main article: Water Surface Upwarp

Whenever Mario enters water, he instantly upwarps to its surface. However, this can be cancelled if the water's surface is within a ceiling hitbox, as the game normally does not let Mario enter ceiling hitboxes.


When Mario presses the A button, he enters swim (1/2). He moves forward and then enters swim (2/2). Finally, he enters water action end and then back to in water. If Mario holds the A button, he enters the flutterkick action. If Mario instead presses the B button, he enters the water grab action followed by water action end.

Surface Jumping

Please add the specific requirements for this If Mario holds down on the joystick while at the water's surface and presses A, he will enter water jump and then water plunge if he reenters the water.

Effect on Other Objects

  • Goombas will die once they touch water.
  • Water can cause a coin to fall through a floor in some circumstances[1].