Vanish Cap under the Moat

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Vanish Cap under the Moat
Course Info
Abbreviation VCutM
Terrain Default
Setting Darkness
Water None
Course Items
Coins 27 ( Yellow Coin.gif ×11  •  Red Coin.gif ×8)
Enemy Coins None
Stars Challenge infobox star 1.gif ×1
Caps STROOP- Vanish Cap Block.png ×2
Star Navigation

Challenge infobox star 1.gif


Vanish Cap under the Moat is the level where you unlock the Vanish Cap. It is normally accessible from the Castle Basement after ground pounding two pillars in the basement. It can be accessed without draining the moat using Hyperspeed Flying[1] or negative jump[2].


Location Count
Line of coins at bottom of slide, around the corner to left 5
3 coins in an ! block right before all the turning lifts 3
3 coins by star marker at very end 3
8 red coins 16
Total 27

A Press Counts

In the A button challenge, entry and the level doesn't require an A press. The vanish cap switch can be pressed using a misalignment[3] or a pedro spot[4].