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“Join the discord!” - [[User:Barry|Barry]]
“Join the discord!” - [[User:Barry|Barry]]
"I will if you make the [[Dive|dive]] page first!" - [[User:HiLlBiLlYjOeL|HiLlBiLlYjOeL]]

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Got interested in speedrunning SM64 in 2018, been lurking on this wiki since then.

"If you're reading this, it's your job to make a TTC Upwarp brute forcer right now." - MMMMMMMMMMMMM

I love working on this wiki, even though I'm not getting paid. Sometimes I have this convoluted thought: I have done more for free than those that are getting paid to do so.

“Join the discord!” - Barry

"I will if you make the dive page first!" - HiLlBiLlYjOeL