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STROOP- Ukiki.png
Hitbox Info

cylinder with radius of 40 and height of 40, not offset down

Speed Dependent on action and Mario's speed
Interaction type Grabbable
Found In
Tall, Tall Mountain

Ukiki is a type of monkey in Tall, Tall Mountain. Two Ukikis appear in TTM; one near the Rolling Log and the Fly Guy, and the other (which doesn't appear in Scale the Mountain) at the top of the mountain. The lower one will run towards Mario and "steal" and wear Mario's cap when first picked up, and run away from him (with the same behavior as the higher Ukiki) after taking the cap. Mario can get his cap back by catching the Ukiki again. The higher one, generally referred to simply as "Ukiki" since it is more important, runs away from Mario, and when caught will open the Monkey Cage and spawn the Mystery of the Monkey Cage star.



When Ukiki is running away from Mario on the ground, his speed is set to 90% of Mario's speed, with a minimum cap but no maximum cap[1]. This means that if Mario has forward hyperspeed, Ukiki will gain hyperspeed as well. This glitch has applications to the B Button Challenge, and was named after Ukikipedia.