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|row_12= (In the Pyramid) 12 Goombas
|row_12= (Out and In the Pyramid) 12 Goombas

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Location Count
Inside the throwing box under the stone building 3
One coin on top of each of the four pillars 4
Line of coins between the two pillars behind the pyramid 5
Line of coins on the pyramid 5
(In the Pyramid) 2 coins just before first floor staircase at back of pyramid 2
(In the Pyramid) Ring of coins under the first wire grid 8
(In the Pyramid) Line of coins under the second wire grid 5
(In the Pyramid) 4 coins on steps just after second wire frame 4
(In the Pyramid) 2 pairs of coins, on moving steps 4
(In the Pyramid) 10 coins at very top of pyramid (a line and a sloped line of coins) 10
(In the Pyramid) 5 coins in "Pyramid Puzzle" secrets 5
(Out and In the Pyramid) 12 Goombas 12
3 Fly Guys 6
2 Crazy Boxes 10
2 Bob-ombs 2
8 Red Coins 16
4 Pokeys 20
(In the Pyramid) Blue coin block 15
Total 136