Supersaturated Bob-omb

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A supersaturated Bob-omb is a Bob-omb whose fuse timer has overflowed, which causes it to not explode[1]. Because the underlying glitch takes 828 days to execute, it is the most time-consuming glitch in the game.

Fuse timer

Every Bob-omb has a fuse timer that begins counting up from 0 at a rate of 1 per frame when Mario picks up the Bob-omb, lighting the fuse. The Bob-omb attempts to explode when this timer reaches 153.


By holding the Bob-omb while facing away from a ledge, the Bob-omb will attempt to explode when its fuse timer reaches 153 as normal. When it expands, the expansion will push Mario off the ledge. Mario can then dive in midair and grab the Bob-omb again. This prevents it from exploding, but its timer keeps counting up. Once Mario regrabs it, it will attempt to explode again and the timer will keep increasing. Mario can perform this dive-regrabbing tactic indefinitely to delay the explosion. Once the fuse timer reaches 2147483647 after 828 days of stalling, it will roll over to -2147483648 and become negative. The Bob-omb will no longer attempt to explode. In fact, it will not attempt to explode unless it is thrown, kicked, or breakdanced; it touches another Bob-omb (with a fuse, no fuse, bloated, or in limbo; it doesn't matter); or it waits another 828 days for the fuse timer to roll back over to 153.