RTA Guide/Rematch with Koopa the Quick

Rematch with Koopa the Quick is the third mission of Tiny-Huge Island.

Rematch with Koopa the Quick
Record Information
RTA World Record 46.96 (Best Available Video)
Single Star World Record 44.02 / 4"8x (Race Time)
Proper lag reduction at the start of the level will save about 3-4 lag frames, or two real-time frames. The inputs are C-Right, then Mariocam C-Down & C-Left.


Standard Shell Route

Note: this video shows the proper lag reduction for the ending. Make sure to stay in Mariocam C-Down, and keep the camera facing the out-of-bounds area.

Koopa Manipulation

This video has a lot of good information if you're curious about the research that went into determining the best ways to manipulate Koopa for good times on this star.

Doing a ledgegrab on the very edge of the platform here will keep you far away enough from Koopa to avoid slowing him down until he reaches the end. You can also just stand near the corner without ledgegrabbing. Make sure to get up right as Koopa crosses the bridge.

Goal Race Time

You should aim to get a race time between 14"5 and 14"9. Note: these goal times are applicable only if you talk to Koopa between misc. timer times 6.1x and 6.3x from the pipe. This is the average time range for this section assuming that you do the normal triple jump dive -> longjump movement out of the pipe.

Mountain Clip Route

This route guarantees that no balls will get in Koopa's way during the race, so it might give you faster times on average. This is explained in more detail in the above video.