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Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano
Record Information
RTA World Record 17.06
Single Star World Record 16.96

Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano is the fifth mission of Lethal Lava Land.

Lava Boost

Entering the Volcano

  • Beginner Movement - Mario cam on entry and delay the C-Down to make sure your camera is directly behind you.
  • Intermediate Movement - This option is for intermediate players and above. Which you chose is a matter of preference. Both begin with a C-Left followed by Mario Cam and C-Down. Hold A before after the camera inputs to allow you to buffer a kick once you have control of mario. For the Mario Cam option, stay in Mario cam the whole time while pressing C-Right to adjust the camera. For the Lakitu Cam version, switch to Lakitu Cam during the first long jump, then input one C-Right when you land.

Lava Boost



Intermediate Long Jump Tutorial

Advanced (Akira Boost)

Input Display


Mario Cam


Lakitu Cam

With Input Display

Ending Movement