RTA Guide/Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano

Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano is the fifth mission of Lethal Lava Land.

Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano
Record Information
RTA World Record 17.06
Single Star World Record 16.96

Lava Boost

Rather than laying out strats for the entire star, options are split up among the 3 sections below for players to mix and match as they see fit. See the table at the bottom of the page for an overview of each strat.

Entering the Volcano

  • Beginner Movement - Mario cam on entry and delay the C-Down to make sure your camera is directly behind you. Switch to lakitu cam after the 2nd long jump to set up the cam for the 3rd. This movement is good for when you're starting out, but most players move to either of the intermediate options fairly early.
  • Intermediate Movement - These options are for intermediate players and above. Which you choose is a matter of preference. Both begin with a C-Left followed by Mario Cam and C-Down. Hold A before after the camera inputs to allow you to buffer a kick once you have control of Mario. For the Mario Cam option, stay in Mario cam the whole time while pressing C-Right to adjust the camera. For the Lakitu Cam version, switch to Lakitu Cam during the first long jump, then input one C-Right when you land.

Lava Boost

As you can see, there are many options for the lava boost portion of the star. The easiest and safest is the Triple Jump Boost, however it's quite a bit slower than all other options. The remaining options are all fairly similar, with timesave scaling well with difficulty. For most players, the trade off between difficulty and time save with strat selection is a matter of preference.

Ending Movement

Similarly to the lava boost section, there are many different ending movements you can perform for this star, with varying levels of difficulty and timesave. Depending on the type of boost you choose, certain ending movements may become easier or harder. The video below goes over each of the endings, how much time they save and roughly how difficulty they are. Hover over the timestamped sections in the video to see roughly how much each strat saves.

  • "Egg Cam" alternate camera to make the LJ WK an upright notched angle. The up value must be close to or greater than the right value to get a wallkick.
  • Tutorials

    Other tutorials

    Strat Name Difficulty Level Time Loss (relative to pro strat) Suggested Endings Notes
    Triple Jump Boost (Landing Near the Pole) Beginner ~5s Sideflip to the pole Good for beginners
    Triple Jump Boost (Landing Near the Bully) Beginner ~5s Triple jump to the pole Good for beginners
    Long Jump Boost Intermediate ~2s All endings are viable Most common strat for intermediate players
    Mayne Boost Intermediate ~2s Triple jump to the pole Older intermediate strat, less common but preferred by some
    Akira Boost Intermediate / Advanced ~1s All endings are viable Good compromise between long jump boost and the pro boosts
    Clip Boost Intermediate / Advanced ~1s Sideflip dive to the pole Less common strat, like a Mayne boost version of Akira boost
    Pro Boost (mario cam) Expert 0s All endings are viable Most common pro boost for top runners due to consistency of movement after the boost
    Pro Boost (lakitu cam) Expert 0s All endings are viable Less common, however it’s easier to get speed preservation after the boost