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The ultimate goal of this guide is to serve as a central hub for all of the relevant knowledge needed to get started with and improve at Super Mario 64 Real-Time Attack (RTA) speedruns. Eventually, all external links on this page will be replaced with their own wiki pages.

Choosing a Platform

To submit to the official leaderboards, you will need to use one of the supported platforms; Nintendo 64, Virtual Console or Emulator. The Super Mario 3D All-Stars release is supported on the Category Extensions page.

There are major differences between each platform that have a big impact on speedrunning. Understanding those differences may help you decide which platform you’ll choose to run on. More details about these differences can be found on our Platform Differences page.

More information about each platform, including version differences and setup/buying guides, check out each platform’s respective information page.

Leaderboard Verification

For a run to be accepted on the official leaderboards, video proof must be provided. While something as simple as pointing a camera at your TV is sufficient, if you plan on playing the game often or you plan on livestreaming your runs, the convenience and quality offered by a proper capture solution can be worth the cost. Here are some pages to help you figure out what you need to record or livestream your runs:

Here is some more information about submitting runs to the official leaderboards:

Category Guides

Before committing to a particular category, check out the Movement Guide to learn Mario's movement options.

Category Extensions

Category extensions are fun challenges that you can complete with specific requirements set that can be significantly different from vanilla categories.

Useful Links