King Bob-omb

King Bob-omb is a large, mustachioed Bob-omb who resides on top of the mountain in Bob-omb Battlefield. He challenges Mario to a battle after Mario reaches the top of the mountain and gives a Star upon being defeated. Unlike other Bob-ombs, he does not attack by blowing up. Instead, he tries to pick Mario up and throw him.

King Bob-omb
STROOP- King Bob-omb.png
Technical Constants
Object Group General Actor
Actor Group Group 3
Draw Distance 4000
Physical Constants
Gravity -400
Friction 1000
Buoyancy 200
Interaction Type Grabbable
Health 3
Radius 100
Height 100


King Bob-omb starts off intangible with his HP set to 3. When Mario gets within 500 units of King Bob-omb laterally, King Bob-omb’s dialogue plays and he becomes holdable. King Bob-omb moves around with a forward velocity of 3 and turns towards Mario at a rate of 1.4 degrees/frame. If King Bob-omb manages to grab Mario, an animation of the grab plays and a sound plays. When the animation ends King Bob-omb starts moving forward at 3 units/frame, and after 20 frames starts rotating towards the negative Z-axis at 5.625 degrees/frame. Once King Bob-omb is facing the negative Z-axis, he throws Mario. If Mario is within 2500 units of King Bob-omb, King Bob-omb begins walking around again. Mario can break out of the grab if he performs the grab escape action 11 times before he is thrown.

When Mario grabs King Bob-omb and throws him, King Bob-omb is moved upward by 20 units, and then thrown forward with a Y-velocity of 50 units/frame and horizontal velocity of 20 units/frame. It takes 25 frames for the throw to complete, during which King Bob-omb will travel 500 units horizontally. If King Bob-omb was not thrown off the top of the mountain, then when King Bob-omb collides with the ground, his heath is decreased by 1, and, if he has not been defeated, his interaction type is changed to Hurtbox until he gets back up. If his health has hit 0, he is defeated, a star spawns, and the boss music stops. If King Bob-omb is thrown off the hill (more than 100 units below his home), then King Bob-omb jumps back up to the hill.

If at any point during the battle Mario’s height is at least 1200 units below King Bob-omb’s height, King Bob-omb resets to his initial state and the boss music stops playing.