Floor is Lava Challenge

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The Floor is Lava Challenge is a challenge in which one must leave the ground immediately after spawning and collect a star without ever landing, except on an object.


  • You MAY ledge grab
  • You MAY stand on objects
  • You MAY NOT touch lava
  • You MAY NOT ride a shell on the ground

List of known possible stars

Course Star Video Notes
TotWC Tower of the Wing Cap Video
SA The Secret Aquarium Video
JRB Plunder in the Sunken Ship Video
JRB Can the Eel Come out to Play? Video
JRB Through the Jet Stream (JRB) Video
JRB Red Coins on the Ship Afloat Video
JRB Blast to the Stone Pillar Video
DDD Board Bowser's Sub Video
DDD Chests in the Current Video
DDD Through the Jet Stream (DDD) Video
DDD The Manta Ray's Reward Video
DDD Pole-Jumping for Red Coins Video Requires Ship
DDD Collect the Caps... Video Requires Vanish Cap and Metal Cap
WDW Top O' the Town Video
WDW Express Elevator--Hurry Up! Video
WDW Shocking Arrow Lifts! Video
WDW Quick Race Through Downtown! Video


The challenge was originally proposed by Timestoppa on January 27th, 2017. Strategies for the possible stars were developed and TASed in the following weeks.

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