Fish spawner

In Whomp's Fortress, a level editor shows that an unused object can be seen next to the cannon that appears to do nothing. Looking at the script associated with the object reveals a clearly stubbed out function that only checks the water level associated with the object.

// JP: 802AF444
// US: 802AFCE4
void unused_beta_fish_easter_egg(void)
    u8 pad[12]; // reserved stack space. likely declared variables we never get to see used, because...
    f32 water_level = find_water_level(o->oPosX, o->oPosZ);
    // ...the function returns without doing anything. likely commented out code here.

This object is actually a relic of how the Fish Easter Egg in Super Mario 64 worked in the prototype build. In the final game, the game does a 1/256 roll every time Mario makes a splash to see if a fish splashes along with the puddle. In the Shoshinkai 1995 Mario 64 footage, the same can be seen at the exact spot of the unused object. The exact reason for the change is unknown, but it is likely that the change was made because having an easter egg associated with an object meant an object slot was taken up, where as a simple 1/256 roll removed the need for these objects [1]