Crazy Box

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Crazy Box
STROOP- Crazy Box.png
Hitbox Info

cylinder with radius of 150 and height of 250, offset down 20 units

Interaction type Grabbable
Cork Box
Found In
Big Boo's Haunt, Tall, Tall Mountain, Lethal Lava Land, Shifting Sand Land

Crazy Boxes, also called Crazed Crates, are small grabbable boxes which, when grabbed, cause Mario to bounce three times in the direction he was facing, before exploding into five coins. Once Mario has grabbed a Crazy Box, he can change the speed of the bounces with the joystick, but the angle will remain the same.


If Mario enters water while bouncing with a Crazy Box, the bouncing animation will end and he will enter a swimming state as if he was holding a Cork Box. When he gets back on land the bouncing animation will start over with whatever angle he left the water with.[1]


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It is normally impossible to grab a crazy box as it explodes, since normally the player is not in control of Mario when a crazy box is dropped at the end of its bouncing. However, there are some workarounds.

Via HOLP manipulation

It is possible to use HOLP manipulation to transport a crazy box far enough away that it deactivates. This gives Mario time to prepare for catching it.

Via Water

If a crazy box is carried into water, then it is possible to jump out of the water and throw it. With proper positioning, Mario can throw it and then grab it as it explodes.

Via Slope

If a crazy box is dropped along a slope (e.g. by standing still while holding it handsfree), then Mario can turn and grab the box before it reaches the ground.