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[[File:A chuckya]]
Hitbox Info
Damage none
Speed to add
Tangibility radius 1000
Interaction type please add
Found In
Tiny-Huge Island, Wet-Dry World, Bowser in the Sky, Tall, Tall Mountain, Rainbow Ride

Chuckyas are purple enemies. They try to pick up Mario, and after doing so, spin around and then throw him. They do not directly damage Mario, but can cause fall damage if they throw him off a ledge.

Escaping Chuckya

There is a counter that the game keeps track of that lets you escape from Chuckya if it reaches 11. The counter starts at zero, and increases by one every time the player presses the A button or moves the joystick from the inside to the outside of its radius. This is possible to do 1.5 times per frame with pause buffering.