Breaking-disappearing Cork Box glitch

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By causing a Cork Box to break and disappear from inactivity at the same time, it will create 3 coins and still respawn. This procedure can be repeated indefinitely for infinite coins, because unlike cloning, it leaves no objects that build up over time. This glitch was discovered by pannenkoek2012.

This glitch is most commonly combined with the hat-in-hand glitch, which will allow Mario to drop the box in any location by pressing Z without having to be near. This allows for placing the box inside another object that would break it, but only enter that object's Tangibility Radius one frame before the box despawns.


The Breaking-Disappearing Cork Box glitch is currently used in the A button challenge route for SSL 100 coins, which is also part of the route for Stand Tall on the Four Pillars.[1]

Other potential uses for the glitch include:

  • 255/999 coins in BoB, WF, and SSL
  • An alternative strat for To the Top of the Fortress 0xA on the Japanese version[2]
  • An alternative strat for BoB 100 coins 0xA without the shell
  • A blueprint for SSL 100 coins 0xA RTA, which would require an approximately unit-precise setup once but then be consistent