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Within Super Mario 64, there is a large amount of text and dialog. The programmers made a few mistakes or typos along the way, which this page serves to document.



There are 3 known typos in the US version of the game:

A typo on the file select screen
A typo on a sign in BoB
A typo when talking to Yoshi
  1. When copying a file on the File Select screen, if the player attempts to copy a file to a location in which another file is already present (e.g. files A and B are used, and trying to copy file A to file B), the game will show the error message "SAVED DATA EXITS" rather than the intended "SAVED DATA EXISTS", leaving out the letter S.
  2. There are two signs on the island in the sky in Bob-omb Battlefield. One of them explains how to use the Control Stick while flying. It begins by saying "Pull back to to fly up", with the word "to" duplicated.
  3. When talking to Yoshi, he begins his text with "Mario!!!(newline)It that really you???", accidentally using "It" instead of "Is".

All three of these typos also exist on the PAL version of the game.